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Sober Support

Intensive Outpatient Groups


Our intensive outpatient groups are three hours long and take place four days every week. Each group is made up of 8-15 people and focuses on practical ways to apply recovery principles in your life. Our IOP lasts approximately six to eight weeks and during this time, we help you develop a strong recovery support network. We offer flexible group times in order to fit your schedule.

Peer Support

Our team of Peer Support Specialists meet with you regularly throughout the week in individual and group settings to help you navigate the recovery process by role modeling healthy behaviors.

Targeted Case Management

Substance abuse often creates problems that make recovery more difficult. Targeted case management addresses those issues so you can focus on your recovery. Our team helps with stable employment, medical care, housing, legal assistance, and other issues.

Individual Counseling

We also offer individual counseling. A counselor is available for you to talk to about any thoughts or feelings related to your recovery that you would prefer to discuss outside a group setting.



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